Is My Furniture Covered by my Home Insurance  

Home insurance is there to cover you in the event of an unforeseen or unexpected circumstance. The personal possessions in the home which would include your furniture are what makes your house a home and to lose these items by theft or even fire or damage can be a distressing time as much as it would be a costly time. So, yes, your furniture would be covered under your home insurance policy. It is essential that you purchase a home insurance policy to protect your home and the belongings inside the home. You are not legally obliged to take our contents or home insurance however if you have a mortgage your lender may require this and even if you own your home it is important to have home insurance policy from top providers such as Quote Devil and contents insurance in place in order to protect your home and the belongings inside.

What is Home Insurance  


Home insurance is a policy that protects and covers houses, private houses, buildings, and contents. Home insurance policy will protect against losses in the event of a fire, flood, theft, and storm that may occur to your home or the contents inside.  


Types of Home Insurance  


There are 2 different types of home insurance available these include: 


  • Buildings Insurance  

  • Contents Insurance 

Buildings Insurance  


Building insurance cover protects the structures of the home such as the roof, ceilings, walls, windows and doors. It also protects permanent fittings such as tiles and floors, fitted kitchens, and bathrooms. Outdoor structures are also protected which include garages, garden sheds, fences, gates, and garden walls.  


If your house becomes damaged or destroyed and it is not livable in the event of a storm, fire, flooding, theft, falling trees or branches, and much more your insurance will cover the costs of renting another home or moving out on a temporary basis.  

Contents Insurance  


Contents insurance cover protects and covers the costs of replacing the belongings inside your home in the event they become damaged, stolen, or destroyed. Your contents are items that you would take away with you if you moved home. These contents include but not limited to: 


  • Furniture 

  • Clothes  

  • Household goods  

  • Money up to a certain amount  

  • Electrical items  

How much should I insure my contents for? 


Your contents should be insured on the amount that you feel it would cost for replacing the items if they were damaged or stolen. You should calculate the costs and work out the correct amount to insure your belongings at. There is generally a limit on the value you can claim for some items individually. If there are more valuable items, you may need to insure these separately on the contents insurance policy.  


What is Policy Excess? 


The policy excess is the amount that you are responsible to pay if you make a claim. The amount is then taken out of your total settlement claim.  

Tips for buying home insurance  


  • Always shop around you may find cheaper quotes for your policy. By shopping around there could be a chance you will find a more competitive deal for your home insurance 

  • Pay annually monthly premiums can cost more  

  • Get the right level of cover. Always calculate and value your contents. You do not want to over or under insure your belongings 

  • Carefully read the terms and conditions policy. Always read through the terms and conditions carefully in the event you ever need to make a claim.  

  • Purchase buildings and contents insurance together, it will make your insurance a lot easier and you may also receive a discount from your insurance provider.